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Dear Reader,

I’m so pleased you could make it. Do sit down and help yourself to virtual tea ☕️ and cake 🍰(or gin 🍸 if it’s that time of night!).

I’m Emily, and I’ve been writing and blogging for the last 5 years under several different guises – in fact, this particular blog used to be known as Home & Roam.

I live along the river in South London with my love, Harrison, and our not-so-little dog, Flynn.

This beautiful space, kindly built for me by H, is home to my monthly musings. If I have a story to write, an adventure to tell or a collection of pictures to share, you’ll find them all nestled here.

By day, I teach creative writing classes and work for a wonderful company, spreading magic amongst the children’s publishing industry; By evening, I’m usually pottering away in the loft, writing children’s stories or editing photos; By night, I’m often fighting over our tiny, two-person sofa with H and Flynn, watching Netfix, reading books or flicking through the latest issue of Paper Girls.

I’ve met some wonderful people in this community already and would always love the chance to get to know more of you, so if you’ve enjoyed anything you’ve seen or read, do say hi.

You can always follow me or send me a message on Instagram (where I post regularly), or, if you’re feeling fancy, you can email on my special new address:

emily@fredaandco.com 💌