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A lot has happened in the last month that’s left me in a listless funk. I’ve been finding it hard to get my thoughts out cohesively and have now got to the point where I’ve started bullying myself to write again. (note to self- this doesn’t work!)

So rather than punish myself- and as a result write something rubbish -I’m instead going to get over it and list what’s been happening, in the hope that it’s interesting and that it will get my words running again.


January Boats



Harrison and I seem to find that our luck swings in (very large) roundabouts, a theory most recently proven by the saga of our stolen boat. As you may already know, we bought a houseboat just before Christmas and are hoping to renovate and move on to in late summer. However, we’ve been struggling to find a mooring for her and a few weeks ago, woke to find every boat owner (heck, home owner’s) nightmare: She’d be stolen!

Harrison set to work with the police and I spread my social media skills far and wide in order to track and bring her back. Fortunately we were lucky, thanks to hundreds of people’s help, someone spotted her and sent us a picture with details of her location. She’s now tucked up in a new permanent mooring, safe and sound and hopefully the thief will think twice about stealing a boat again after his confrontation with H.

However, amongst all the fear and excitement we had hundreds (I mean over a thousand) people on social media, to thank and respond to. This was then followed by several newspapers and journalists requesting to write about the story, by which point we were shattered and just wanted the roundabout to swing the other way and take us back to our calm, normal lives.

Without wanting to make excuses, it did feel like the whole fiasco contributed to the lack of energy I’ve had for writing this past month, but overall it was amazing to be on the receiving end of so much support and to see first-hand the power of social media. So thank you again to everyone who helped.

p.s. We will be announcing the new boat name soon





We’ve got three new projects coming up with some of our favourite people, and can’t wait to share them with you.

We’re working with the wonderful Future Kept over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for news of that over on Instagram.

We’ll also be working with the lovely Me & Orla, as Sara and I get together to film for her new project- for more details have a read of her recent post.

And finally, we met up with the adorable Searching For Tomorrow, and are very excited to be adding Nathan, Kitty and Florrie (Flynn’s first ever girlfriend!) to our Home and Roam video series– coming soon.





We don’t often discuss work on the blog as it’s nice for us to separate the two aspects of our lives, however for this I can make an exception- mostly because it feels nothing like work and I love it. Thanks to A LOT of help from Harrison, and one Elizabeth Gilbert (in the form of several speeches, a book and half a dozen podcasts) I am at a point in my life where I am happy to say that I am, unequivocally, a writer.

And, breathe…

I’ve begun to work on several children’s, fictional projects and although I’m nowhere near ‘giving up the day job’, IF ever, I’m comfortably trundling along in the early stages of what will hopefully be a long and happy relationship with my writing. I will ask though, if you know of any illustrators (or you are one yourself) I would love to hear from you… (which is code for, we need to be friends).

And that about sums up the mayhem that was the last month. I hope this wasn’t too laborious a read. It feels good to have processed it all in a sort of cathartic way. In exchange for having read our comings and goings I’d love to hear from you on Twitter or Instagram; if the cat’s sick, the dishwasher’s broken or you’ve just won the lottery, I’ll respond with lots of fun, relevant and motivational emojis. 🙈💕